Asda Money Cashbank Credit Card – How to Apply?


Flexibility and rewards seem to be two of the most attractive features potentials cardholders look for. Individuals looking for a flexible and rewarding card might want to check out Asda Money’s credit cards. Read on to know more about the options the company offer.


Asda Money Cashbank Credit Card Features and Benefits

The main feature of the Asda Money Cashbank Credit Card is its cash back program. It offers unlimited cash back vouchers which give cardholders 1% earnings at, physical stores, Asda Living and Asda Petrol stations. It also offers a 0.2% cash back on and other similar merchants. For smart investors, the company gives. 10% cash back on selected Asda insurance offers.

The company takes GBP 5 off Travel Money when cardholders purchase GBP 300 and above in-store.


Need a credit card with a cash back program? Asda Money Cashbank Credit Card is for you. Here's how to apply...

Getting an Asda Money Cashbank Credit Card

Those interested to get Asda Money Cashbank Credit Card can simply head to their website to check their eligibility. Prospective clients will have to provide personal details such as their full legal name, date of birth and contact numbers. They will also have to indicate residential status, postcode and date of moving.

Applicants are encouraged to keep in mind that only individuals 18 years old or above with a UK bank or building society account are eligible to apply. Employment details such as employment status, net monthly personal income and net monthly partner income are also required. To determine credit limits, financial status and credit background will be considered.

Asda Money Cashbank Credit Card Fees and Charges

The company does not require an annual fee. However, when customers get their Cashbank Credit Card, it is necessary to keep track of the fees Asda Money charges. Clients who get a variable representative annual percentage rate up to 19.9% (Category A) will get monthly rates of 1.523 for standard purchases, 1.523 for balance transfers and 2.071% for cash advances.

Customers who get a variable APR up to 23.9% (Category B) will get monthly rates of 1.801% for standard purchase, 1.801% for balance transfers and 2.071% for cash advances. Those who get a variable APR up to 29.9% (Category C) can expect monthly rates of 2.203% for standard purchase, 2.203% for balance transfers and 2.2.03% for cash advances.

Clients will be automatically assessed for Category A. For those who do not qualify for A, they will be considered for Categories B and C.

For the promotions, customers get 0% rates on purchases from for 6 months, whilst there is a 0% rate on balance transfers for transactions made within 90 days after the card issuance. Separate fees of GBP 12 apply for unpaid payments, checks or direct debits, as well as for late payments and over the limit. This applies across all three categories.

With the versatility and the rewards Asda Money Cashbank Credit Card, potential customers can do their shopping and other transaction whilst earning money. Interested individuals can visit their website to know more about this credit card.