Clash of Clans: Discover These Tips to Play and Get Free Gems

Numerous games have gained impressive popularity for the sheer entertainment, challenge, and interaction that they offer. Clash of Clans is one of these games. I, for one, was hooked on this game during its heyday and still go back to it from time to time.

One of the greatest things about this game is that it is free to play, but there are some advantages that come with using the in-game currency called gems. However, gems can only be obtained by paying real money to get them.


Those who are interested in upgrading their performance in the game should take a look at what gems can offer. The best part is, I can get gems for free. Read on to learn how you can too.

  • Getting to Know Clash of Clans
  • How to Play Clash of Clans
  • What Are Clash of Clans Gems?
  • How to Download Clash of Clans
  • Ways to Get Free Clash of Clans Gems
Clash of Clans: Discover These Tips to Play and Get Free Gems
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Getting to Know Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a strategy game that was released on mobile platforms in 2012 by Supercell. Back then it was only available on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads through the App Store. Fortunately, it became accessible on Android devices through the Google Play Store in 2013.

Clash of Clans: Discover These Tips to Play and Get Free Gems
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This strategy game is set in a fantasy medieval world where players are tasked to build a village from the ground up as its chief. Several determining factors are at play here including limited resources, other players, and waiting times.


Because of this, gamers need to be smart about using their resources, which they use to construct different buildings, upgrade their structures, assemble their troops, and more.

They also need to work with other players to form a clan and participate in clan wars. This is what keeps me excited about the game, getting to see how my village fares against other villages.

Main Features of Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans features two different modes. The first mode is the multiplayer aspect, which lets gamers play with other people. These users have their own respective villages which they need to defend. They can also attack other players’ villages including yours. Of course, I can also do the same.


Clans play a huge role in this game mode because I can only clash with other players during a clan war.

The other mode is a single-player campaign that lets me attack goblin villages that are controlled by the computer. This lets me earn resources without attacking other players’ villages.

How to Play Clash of Clans

The main goal of this game is to establish a village, strengthen it, join a clan, then participate in a clan war. To do this, I need to form a clan and add people or join an existing one. The leaders and co-leaders can initiate clan wars with another group.

Clash of Clans: Discover These Tips to Play and Get Free Gems
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Building a village from the ground up takes time and resources, especially as all players start with only two builders. I can succeed by constructing gold mines and storages, as well as elixir collectors and storages. My village also needs a town hall and defensive buildings.

There are many different structures I can build to fortify my village including various types of towers, artilleries, and weapons. I can buy more builders using gems to speed up the process.

Aside from builders, I also need to assemble my troops with the help of the barracks and spell factories. Once I am ready, I can go ahead and join the clan war by attacking an enemy village. Again, these procedures can be sped up with gems.

In-Game Resources

Gems are the premium currency in Clash of Clans because they can be earned by grinding or by purchasing using real money. The things I can buy using gems are valuable items or functions, making them a great resource.

Gold and elixir are minor in-game currencies, which I can use to purchase other items such as upgrades, potions, books, and more.

These can be easily earned during a successful raid, making it a great move to accumulate them and spend them wisely.

What Are Clash of Clans Gems?

As mentioned, gems are a premium resource for gamers because they can offer an advantage for the village chief, but they can be scarce. This is why I always make it a point to use them wisely. At the beginning of the game, my priority is to get builder’s huts because they increase upgrade speeds.

Clash of Clans: Discover These Tips to Play and Get Free Gems
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Boosting the barracks is also a great way to spend gems because they give me a limited period in which my facilities produce units at increased speeds, allowing me to improve my troops and raid more efficiently.

I can also purchase many different items, upgrades, and boosts for different things and facilities. With these functions, gems are definitely important. There are many ways to use this resource with efficiency and this is part of the challenge offered by this strategy game.

I find it inefficient to use gems to purchase other in-game resources such as elixirs and other resources, which could be earned by raiding alone. Make sure to spend gems wisely because getting them can be tiresome or expensive.

How to Maximize Free Gems in Clash of Clans

Every player starts with 500 gems, which they can use as they please for free. Once they spend this amount, they need to grind to get more or purchase some using real money.

The best way to maximize your free gems is to purchase builder’s huts and boost facilities like barracks, mines, and elixir drills. This way, I get more resources than I can get by raiding or purchasing resources using gems.

I can use my additional troops to raid non-stop or use the excess gold or elixir to upgrade my structures.

How to Download Clash of Clans

With the nature of the game and its premium currency more clearer, you may feel ready to download the game and begin playing. Android and iOS mobile phone users can download Clash of Clans through the Google Play Store and the App Store, respectively.

Clash of Clans: Discover These Tips to Play and Get Free Gems
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To download, enter the name of the app in the app store of your device, and select the one published by Supercell. Then, tap on the “Get” or “Install” button to initiate the download. Once done, the app icon will appear on the home screen.

Clash of Clans has a content rating of “Everyone 10+” due to its fantasy violence content. It is compatible with Android devices running versions 5.0 and up, and iOS devices running versions 11.0 and up.

Another thing to remember is that downloading Clash of Clans for mobile devices requires certain app permissions. It will need to access different features such as the camera, Wi-Fi connection information, and others such as receiving internet data, viewing network connections, and preventing the device from sleeping.

Costs Associated with Clash of Clans

This game is free to download and play, which is a good thing for everyone. The app also offers an in-app store with items that can be purchased using real money ranging from $0.99 to $99.99 per item.

Some of the items to buy using real money include different amounts of gems, Gold Pass, Special Offers, and Resource Packs.

Ways to Get Free Clash of Clans Gems

Purchasing gems using real money can be expensive, especially for budget mobile gamers like me. Players will be glad to know that there are ways to earn gems without spending. However, this usually means they need to spend more time playing the game.

Clash of Clans: Discover These Tips to Play and Get Free Gems
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What I need to do to earn free gems is to complete achievements, which is simply part of playing the game. Another part is looking for hidden gems and repairing the gem mine located at the builder’s base. Players can also look for gem boxes that sometimes appear around the village.

I also like waiting for any event that the game launches because a lot of them give out gems as rewards. All of these can be a bit grindy, which some people do not like. However, these are the only ways to legitimately earn gems for free.

My advice is to allot some time to grind, so players can spend enough time to get free gems, but not too much that they cannot find the time to do the actual gameplay.

Other Ways to Get Free Gems

Aside from grinding in-game, I can also get free gems through means outside the game itself.

I can download the Google Opinion Rewards app, which lets users answer surveys and earn Google Play credits. Once I have enough, I can use this amount to purchase in-game items such as gems.

The Bottom Line

Clash of Clans is a fun and exciting strategy game, especially if I have gems. To gain an advantage with the help of gems, these tips can help players get them for free.


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