Learn How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

With its fast-paced action gameplay, Free Fire is just one of the many first-person mobile shooter games that have emerged in the past few years. 

What makes this battle royale game different is its unique features and easy-to-understand playstyle. Part of the fun of playing Free Fire is the hundreds of different weapon skins and other cosmetic items that I can show off to my enemies. 


It’s cool and fun to show off exclusive skins in the game but they can be a bit expensive. You’ll need an in-game currency called Diamonds to buy them which uses real money to acquire them. Below, I share a few tips on how you can get these diamonds for free in Free Fire.

  • About Free Fire
  • How I Get Free Diamonds with Free Fire Codes
  • Join the Advanced Server and Test New Features
  • ownload this Mobile App and Redeem Rewards for Free Diamonds
  • Join Online Tournaments and Custom Rooms
Learn How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire
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About Free Fire

Free Fire is a mobile first-person shooter game where I get to play a character that lands on a deserted island alongside several other players. It offers an easy play style so you don’t need complicated mechanics and complex skills for this game. 

Learn How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire
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Within each match, I must collect resources and take cover as players begin to eliminate each other. The map begins to get smaller in size as the remaining players battle it out to become the last remaining player standing. 


The last surviving player wins the match. Free Fire is known for its adrenaline-pumping action and unique game modes such as the new Football Fire game mode.

Diamonds Are a Character’s Best Friend

Diamonds are the most important in-game currency that any Free Fire player can have. I can buy a lot of exclusive items with the use of diamonds. 

Some of these include outfits for my character, weapon skins, Elite Passes, and even emotes. While many of these items do not have any strategic advantage in the game, I always encounter many players that still want to have the best weapon skins to make them look cool when playing. 


This allows players to enhance their gaming experience which is part of the reason why a lot of us love to play the game. The only caveat here is that diamonds can only be purchased using real money but there are various ways to get them for free.

How I Get Free Diamonds with Free Fire Codes

Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games that I have played and the game’s developers cater to their fans. One of the best things that they always do is cater to fans through special codes.  

This battle royale mobile game constantly offers Free Fire codes that contain different rewards. Some of them include weapon skins and other exclusive content while others have free Diamonds. I get to unlock different rewards by simply using these codes found in different sources. 

Most of the time, I get to check out these codes from their official social media pages while other times, I get to receive them through email or from groups and other community pages. 

Just be aware that some codes are not valid or have already been taken by other players so you need to be fast.

Here’s What I Do with Free Fire Codes

As one of the most popular methods of getting free diamonds in Free Fire, redeeming codes can be quite tricky if you don’t know what to do. Most of these codes can be acquired by checking out the official social media pages or your favorite content creator. 

To redeem the codes for free diamonds, I go to the official Free Fire Reward Redemption website and log in using the details that I used in logging into my account. I then enter the code and click “Confirm” to claim the rewards. 

All the rewards including the free diamonds are then added to my account within a few minutes. I also noticed that all the rewards are server specific so make sure to check your server beforehand and that you have chosen a specific account to receive the rewards.

Join the Advanced Server and Test New Features

Free Fire has some of the best mechanics in the battle royale genre but with how saturated the market has become, the game also tries to innovate many of its features. 

Learn How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire
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This is why Free Fire has an advanced server where players can test out new features and updates in the game. When I was able to join the advanced server, I was able to play some experimental features in the game. 

This also allowed me to earn free diamonds on my main account. In the advanced server, players or testers are asked to give feedback regarding the new features and how they were tested. 

Every time I give feedback, they reward me with free diamonds as part of the testing team. Because of this cool feature, I highly urge you to join the advanced server and actively participate in making the mobile game great.

How You Can Join the Advanced Server

Not everyone can enter the advanced server to earn free diamonds. There are only a few chosen players in the game that can become testers within the advanced server. Here’s how I was able to get into the advanced server. 

The best way to do this is to sign up to become one of the testers on the advanced server. The way they choose the testers is random so it is never assured that you’ll be able to get inside. 

What I did was I continuously sent my application for the advanced server every month until I received the notification that I was accepted. I also had to download a different version of the game which includes all the updates and bug fixes needed to be tested.

Download this Mobile App and Redeem Rewards for Free Diamonds

There are a lot of apps that let me redeem rewards for free diamonds, one of which is mGamer. mGamer is a mobile app where I get to enjoy completing various kinds of tasks including answering surveys, watching different kinds of videos, and even playing other mobile games. 

Learn How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire
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Each time I complete a task, I get a good amount of coins. These coins can then be redeemed for rewards such as Free Fire diamonds

Make sure that you only download through legitimate sites such as the Google Play Store when you want to use mGamer. 

There are a lot of apps out there that advertise free diamonds but end up scamming you. Always check the reviews on the app first before you decide to download it.

Get Paid and Receive Free Diamonds

If you’re worried about downloading illegal apps on your phone, I can suggest one very popular app that has been used by millions of other people. This is an app where I get paid so I can purchase Diamonds essentially for free. 

The name of the app is called Google Opinion Rewards. This is an app where I can sign up to answer surveys and each survey I answer will reward me with points that I can then use to redeem gift cards or credits.

These credits can then be used to purchase diamonds on Free Fire. It’s a very easy app to use and surveys are given to me regularly.

Join Online Tournaments and Custom Rooms

Those who play Free Fire with friends can take advantage of this next that I’m about to give to you. Gather your friends and practice playing competitive Free Fire first. Once you’re ready, go ahead and join custom rooms and challenge another team. 

Learn How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire
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Free Fire often has custom room matches that they regularly host where you and your team can win prizes such as items, skins, and even free diamonds. 

Participate in these custom room matches or you can immediately join an online tournament to win as many prizes as possible. If you have what it takes to be the best, I suggest that you join online tournaments in the game, especially during events. 

They often give out codes that you can redeem as well as huge prizes if you win the entire tournament.

How to Download This Game

Free Fire is a very graphic-intensive mobile game so I suggest that you should always update your phone to its latest version. If you want to download the game, launch Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and search for “Free Fire”. 

Tap “Install” or “Get” depending on your chosen platform to begin downloading the game. Wait until the game is fully installed before tapping “Open” to launch it. 

You will then be asked to log in using your preferred login details including your social media account like Facebook or Twitter or you can log in using your email address.


As one of the most popular first-person battle royale mobile games in the world, Free Fire is often compared to other mobile FPS games. The game offers very unique gameplay but ultimately, it is the rewards that you get from playing the game that matters. If you want to get exclusive rewards without spending a dime on this game, follow the tips mentioned above.