See How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends

We all know diamonds are the most coveted resource in Mobile Legends, a five-versus-five multiplayer online battle arena game by Moonton. As one of the most popular mobile games in the world, I always want to be the best in the game, and having a lot of diamonds can have its advantages.

Many Mobile Legends players know how important it is to have diamonds in the game. Diamonds are important resources as it allows us to buy new heroes and skins. It’s not new for many players that diamonds give you an important advantage in the game, and skins give small stats that boost your chosen hero.


If you want to see how to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends, check out my guide below.

  • Why I Want to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends
  • Check Out How I Earn Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends
  • Here’s Another Similar Way to Get Free Diamonds
  • Try This Unique Method Instead
  • Check Out Lucky Spin and Try Your Luck
See How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends
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Why I Want to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends

There are many reasons why I want to get diamonds for free in Mobile Legends. Besides using it to purchase new heroes to play with, diamonds are also used to purchase skins. 

Having skins in the game gives my chosen hero additional stats, which can help me get an advantage. 


This alone makes having skins very worthwhile, hence why I often find myself searching for ways to get diamonds for free. 

There are a lot of ways to do so, and here’s what I discovered so far.

Here’s How You Can Download the Game

Before I tell you more about how to get free diamonds, let me teach you how to download the game first so you can follow through with my tips. 


Mobile Legends is available to download at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Search for the name of the game and tap Download or Install and wait until it is fully installed. 

Tap Open to launch the game and start playing.

Check Out How I Earn Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends

As a loyal Mobile Legends fan myself, I always wonder how and where I get diamonds for free in this game. I was able to discover several ways to get them for free. The best way to do this is to sign up and use an app called Freecash

See How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends
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Freecash is a mobile app that offers a variety of ways to earn credits for my favorite games, such as Mobile Legends. I start by signing up for Freecash using either my Gmail or Steam account. Both are convenient since they will immediately link all the corresponding accounts. 

After signing up, all I need to do is sign in and complete different tasks. There are many tasks, including playing the game of my choice, that are also available on the app. Plus, users can link their bank account on the app for faster transactions. 

Rest assured that the app is safe and secure. I then receive Freecash Coins for every completed task. Once I have enough, I then exchange them for rewards which include Mobile Legends diamonds through the Cashout page.

Use Freecash Coins and Convert Them to Apple Gift Cards

I also have discovered a way to earn Apple gift cards for those using iOS devices to play Mobile Legends. This is a great way to receive diamonds for free through Freecash. The process remains the same when it comes to acquiring Freecash Coins. 

I still need to complete different tasks found in the Offer Walls section of the app, where I can choose from a plethora of tasks. Once I have enough coins, I can then exchange them for rewards the same way as the method above, but the major difference is I choose the Apple Gift Card as a reward. 

I can choose from a $5 gift card up to a $50 gift card, depending on the number of coins I have collected from the app. After choosing the gift card, I then select Withdraw, and the funds will reflect on my Apple account for me to use to purchase diamonds in Mobile Legends.

Here’s Another Similar Way to Get Free Diamonds

There is also a similar way to how Freecash that allowed me to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends. Idle Empire is the name of the site that functions similarly to Freecash. All I did was sign up using my social media account, like Facebook or Twitter, to register an account. 

See How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends
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I can also use my Google, Steam, and even Discord accounts to register a new Idle Empire account. Once done,  I head over to the Earn section, where I can do tasks that are very similar to the ones found on Freecash to get Idle Empire coins. 

These tasks include answering surveys, watching videos, completing offers from partner programs, and more. I also noticed that not all tasks give the same amount of rewards, so I suggest that you focus on those that provide a good amount, like answering surveys. 

I then exchanged these coins for rewards, and unfortunately, I discovered that there were no Apple gift cards.

Join Tournaments More Often and Show Your Skill

Another great way to earn free diamonds in Mobile Legends is to join tournaments. With the popularity of mobile games in certain regions, a lot of organizations often hold different tournaments regularly. 

Some even host daily tournaments for amateur teams to try and battle it out with other amateur teams. I’ve tried to join an amateur tournament once, and while we weren’t lucky enough to get the grand prize, we were still fortunate enough to get the consolation prize which includes free diamonds in the game. 

This is such an interesting way to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends. If you have a team that wants to play Mobile Legends competitively and get diamonds for free, try this method and see how far you can go and how many free diamonds you can get.

Try This Unique Method Instead

Mobile Legends is very popular, especially in Southeast Asia and many other parts of the world. It is so popular that many players often stream their games online on platforms like Facebook Gaming, Twitch, Omelet, and more. 

See How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends
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If you have accounts on these accounts, I highly suggest that you follow your favorite streamer immediately. Most streamers and influencers offer giveaways to their audience at random times during the live stream. 

They give out free skins, and at other times, they give out free diamonds through voucher codes. Make sure that you are also quick on your hands in copying these codes as there are probably hundreds or thousands of people who are also waiting for the code to appear on the screen. 

Use the codes and convert them into free diamonds that you can use in the game.

Here’s How You Can Register as a Streamer

I’ve also discovered that you can stream using the Mobile Legends app, but there are several requirements you need to fulfill first before you can start streaming. In this case, I need to play as frequently as possible and reach at least Epic V rank

Another requirement is that I need to have at least 1,000 followers on my profile, and I need to have an in-game Credit Score of 100. Additionally, the game requires me to have at least five games played in the last five days. 

Once I reach all the requirements, I can start streaming my games, and Moonton will reward me with free diamonds that I can spend in the game or share with my viewers.

Check Out Lucky Spin and Try Your Luck

If I’m feeling lucky in the game, I always head over to the Lucky Spin section to try out my luck and get free diamonds in Mobile Legends. The Lucky Spin section can be found within the in-game shop, where everyone can join and earn different rewards. 

See How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends
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One of which is free diamonds, but you can also win Lucky Gem fragments, coins, and even a new hero. I simply tap the Lucky Spin wheel to spin, and it will randomly land on a specific reward.  

The first few tries will be free, and it will refresh in a couple of hours. You can always pay using other resources if you want to spin and test your luck further. 

I know this might not be the ideal way to get free diamonds since it will depend on your luck, but it is always worth a try.

How Could I Forget About In-Game Events

Right before I forget, there is still one more method that I want to share. Mobile Legends often holds in-game events, especially when they are about to release a new hero in the game. Never shy away from participating in these in-game events as they are known to give out tremendous amounts of rewards including free diamonds. 

I always join these events whenever they appear in the game. Most of these events only require me to either play the game a certain amount of times, use the same hero over and over, or invite others to join me in several matches. 

I then get a lot of freebies, including free diamonds as rewards for joining such an event. It’s a very simple and effective method that doesn’t take a lot of time, and I always get to enjoy playing, especially if it requires me to play with my friends.


Make sure you follow the steps I’ve mentioned above so you’ll have a lot of diamonds to spend on your chosen heroes and skins.